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How we scrum

For the last one-and-a-half year I have been working in a scrum-project in the role of member of the development team and later on also in the role of backup scrum master. One day I was talking with one of my iPROFS-collegues about how we have adapted scrum in this project and from his reaction the both of us concluded it might look like an ordinary scrum implementation, but maybe it is not…

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Off to a great team start with Tuckman, Lencioni and Ofman!

10/01/2015 Comments off

When you start as Scrum Master on a new team, they are usually just a collection of individuals that together have the skill set necessary to fulfil the goal of the team. In order for that group to become high-performing, you have to let them turn into a team. Yes, you read it right, you cannot turn them into a team, they have to do that themselves. The only thing you can do about it to facilitate the process they need, so it can speed up a bit. Read more…

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Power to the Developers?

30/12/2014 Comments off

POwer to the people symbolWhen you start with creating your software using the Scrum framework, you notice a shift in power from the Project Manager to the team members. This might be a scary thought. Even more, there is no Project Manager anymore!  Read more…

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Agile Coach Camp Netherlands 2012

04/06/2012 2 comments

Sometime at the end of January I heard about Agile Coach Camp where coaches would teach coaches. So I inquired if wannabe coaches would be welcome too. The response was positive, and thus I registered. I found out that Mary Beijleveld (who was one of the organizers) lives in the same town I do, and asked her if we could travel together. The price I had to pay for that was helping to get the conference location ready for all the participants, but I had already planned to spend the entire Friday on the conference anyway. So on Friday morning Mary came to pick me up and we drove to Vierhouten together.
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Mini XPDay 2012 – a full and interesting day

On April 23rd, the Mini XPDay 2012 was held in conference center Kapellerput, in Heeze (NL). I went there to (re)connect with some people, and learn more about Agility and myself. It was a good day with interesting sessions in a lot of different areas.

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Impediments or Tasks?

I recently had the opportunity to do a short experiment with self-organisation. I was a replacement Scrum Master for a team and did not have a lot of time for them, so I decided for myself not to accept any impediments, but to put them on the board as tasks.
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What is TDD anyway?

04/12/2011 4 comments

Over the past few months I noticed that many people who state that TDD does not work for them, seem to think TDD is something different than it really is. I can see why their version of TDD doesn’t work for them, and like to give them an overview of what TDD really is.

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