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Tomcat 7 is just around the corner!

With the Java EE 6 specification becoming final last december, the Apache Tomcat guys have been working hard to implement the new Tomcat 7 that supports the Servlet 3.0 and JSP 2.2 spec. The RC3 has been released yesterday.

The most exciting thing about Tomcat 7 is that it supports the Servlet 3.0 specification which is part of Java EE 6. Servlet 3.0 supports a more modulair style of webapps through webfragment, there is no need for one big web.xml anymore. It also lets you define Servlets and Filters through annotations. Another important new feature is the asynchronous processing of requests. If you want to learn more about the Servlet 3.0 specification check this article on dzone.

Besides the Servlet 3.0 API Tomcat 7 also supports JSP 2.2 and EL 2.2 but does not support any of the Java EE 6 profiles out of the box. Of course you can package all the libraries that you require with your application as you wish.

Tomcat 7 is not yet available through the official Apache Tomcat website but you can download the Tomcat 7 binaries from here: You will need at least Java SE 6 for Tomcat 7 to run.

For most of my application development I use IntelliJ. Even though IntelliJ officially supports Tomcat up untill version 6, your apps will deploy to Tomcat 7 seamlessly.

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Android: retrieving your current location

10/05/2010 2 comments

Last week I received my brand new HTC Desire smartphone which is running Android version 2.1. This week I finally got the chance to do some programming on the Android platform. My current employer, IPROFS, has customers that are interested in Android applications, so I am allowed to spend some time to get to know the platform.

If you have no Android experience yet, I recommend viewing the Android introduction movies first, they provide an excellent overview of the Android platform and the ideas behind it.

For the current application I`m working on I need to retrieve the location of the user. In this article I will explain two possibilities for retrieving the users location. The first one is through the network provider and the second one is through GPS.

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