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Book review and Summary: Switch

Have you ever tried to change something? In (part of) an organisation, or maybe in yourself? How successful was it? How did you accomplish this feat?

According to this great little book called Switch, you most probably have addressed three significant areas: the rationale, the emotion, and the environment. The authors Dan and Chip Heath call these: the Rider, the Elephant, and the Path.

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Adding an alt-text to an image in Liferay 6.1

03/09/2012 1 comment

In Liferay, images in the Documents and Media library have a Description field. Using this field to fill the alt-property of an img-tag is not so trivial as we would hope. This post describes how you can do it.

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Mini XPDay 2012 – a full and interesting day

On April 23rd, the Mini XPDay 2012 was held in conference center Kapellerput, in Heeze (NL). I went there to (re)connect with some people, and learn more about Agility and myself. It was a good day with interesting sessions in a lot of different areas.

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Impediments or Tasks?

I recently had the opportunity to do a short experiment with self-organisation. I was a replacement Scrum Master for a team and did not have a lot of time for them, so I decided for myself not to accept any impediments, but to put them on the board as tasks.
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GOTO conference Amsterdam – report of day 1

24/10/2011 1 comment
After the GOTO conference in Aarhus, Denmark, there is now also a GOTO conference in the Netherlands. GOTO is the first software development conference which is not language- or platform-specific, and attracts a different kind of speakers. I’ve been to this conference, and I want to share what I took with me from that conference.

Experiences with a small scrum team.

In recent months, I have been acting as the Scrum Master for several very small project teams (teams of 1 to 3 persons), running in parallel.
I have made some observations on issues you can encounter with small scrum teams. Scrum adds some overhead to a project and developers might have some trouble with seeing the use of this overhead. This increases the lure from disciplined software building back to uncontrolled hacking. The challenges I have seen are:

  1. “Storypoints estimation is too much overhead.”
  2. “Extra work for the customer? Why register it, it’s just five minutes of work!”
  3. “Standups are not really useful when you are alone.”
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The Agile Manifesto is 10 years old!


Ten years after the creation of the Agile Manifesto in Snowbird resort, Utah (USA), a number of the original signees and a bigger number of other Agile big shots came together at the same spot to celebrate the successes, reflect on the results, and look at the future.

I wasn’t there (no invitation for me, alas), but I’d like to summarise the things I read about this gathering.

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