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Monitoring Liferay with New Relic

Everyone who run, tests or maintains a Liferay environment needs to know if it performs well. ‘Performing well’ is a broad statement, that can range from low-level OS measurements such as memory allocation and CPU usage all the way up to the speed a page renders in a browser – the stuff that customers complain about, and is hard to reproduce and measure.

New Relic provides this insight – from OS to browser – with their cloud based application performance management tools. Setting up New Relic for Liferay is quite easy, but as always with Liferay, there are a few pitfalls. This blog post will guide you through the setup in a few steps. Read more…

Liferay application display templates

Liferay Portal 6.2 has just been released. One of it’s interesting new features are Application display templates (ADT), that promise to allow easy and flexible rendering of content, without changing JSP’s. It’s implementation gives me some security concerns for all users of Liferay. Read more…

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Mobile application development in Java

Last wednesday i held a presentation called “Mobile application development in Java using CodenameOne“. The room was filled with 200 people that asked a lot of questions. You can download the slides (in dutch) as a pdf: CodenameOne_JFall2012_RemcoNabuurs

When the recording at parleys comes online, i’ll update this post.

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Liferay 6.0 EE SP2 is out!

Liferay just released their second service pack for 6.0 enterprise customers. Apart from lost of small bug fixes, they included one welcome enhancement to the hooks system: overriding struts actions in a hook
Read more…

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5 things you didn’t know about … Command-line flags for the JVM

Nice blog post by IBM about JVM command line settings. I like the option to remove explicit garbage collection.

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OpenSSO and Secure Ticket Service (STS)

For one of our customers we’ve been working on securing their web services with Secure Ticket Service (STS). The setup involves a Liferay Portal that authenticates the users using OpenSSO Express 8. The portlets make SOAP calls to a JBoss 5.1 server that has some EJB’s exposed as a web service provider.

The principle behind STS is really simple. You don’t have to change your webservice provider, client or WSDL. Just plug the right client and server handler, configure OpenSSO and go!

On the SUN Development Blog there is an excellent walk through named Enabling Web Service Security with OpenSSO WSS Agent. This post is about our experience with this setup and the pitfalls we encountered.

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