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Experimenting with MongoDB’s spatial indexing

I was experimenting with NoSQL, and MongoDB in particular, out of curiosity when I came across its ability to do spatial indexing. Spatial indexing will let you index your documents based on latitude and longitude. The reason this peaked my interest was a recent project I have worked on. Perhaps in a next release of the project NoSQL might be an option to consider, so it was time to explore this feature a little better. So I came up with a possible scenario to use it on.

Let’s say you are in Paris and there is a special promo page if you are within 50 metres of the Eiffel tower. If you are outside of this radius you will just get information about the nearest metro station. The default options to search on the spatial index are fine in most cases. You’re able to get the nearest points in order of proximity. In my case there is a little extra needed. Read more…

JMeter remote testing back-ends through tunneling

Recently I started doing load tests on the back-end of a mobile application in the Amazon cloud. The back-end consists of instances load-balanced by ELB, Amazon’s elastic load balancing service. It is expected to have a reasonably high performance, but this was not tested. The goal of the tests was to figure out the current performance as a starting point of measure.

Although there is some documentation on the JMeter site and search engine queries got me far, I decided to document my experience for future reference. There are some tricky parts and pitfalls I like to avoid the next time… Read more…


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