Monitoring Liferay with New Relic

Everyone who run, tests or maintains a Liferay environment needs to know if it performs well. ‘Performing well’ is a broad statement, that can range from low-level OS measurements such as memory allocation and CPU usage all the way up to the speed a page renders in a browser – the stuff that customers complain about, and is hard to reproduce and measure.

New Relic provides this insight – from OS to browser – with their cloud based application performance management tools. Setting up New Relic for Liferay is quite easy, but as always with Liferay, there are a few pitfalls. This blog post will guide you through the setup in a few steps. Read more…

Goto Amsterdam 2013

05/12/2013 5 comments

I’d been to Goto Arhus a couple of times and really liked the conference. So this year I decided to go and check out if Goto Amsterdam was the same high quality. And indeed it was. Great speakers, good content, nice food, all in all an excellent experience despite the (very Dutch) lack of air conditioning on two of the warmest days of the year. Below is my summary of all the sessions I attended. When available I will have the title of the presentation link to the video of the talk. Read more…

Liferay application display templates

Liferay Portal 6.2 has just been released. One of it’s interesting new features are Application display templates (ADT), that promise to allow easy and flexible rendering of content, without changing JSP’s. It’s implementation gives me some security concerns for all users of Liferay. Read more…

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AngularJS: A checkbox with radio button behavior

Did you ever needed to have a group of option in which just one item could be selected, but the user did need to have the option to deselect any chosen option in HTML?

It can’t be done just by HTML checkboxes or radio buttons and the user experience of a select with options isn’t sufficient.

We did have to provide such a solution in a recent project.

Read more…

Book review and Summary: Switch

Have you ever tried to change something? In (part of) an organisation, or maybe in yourself? How successful was it? How did you accomplish this feat?

According to this great little book called Switch, you most probably have addressed three significant areas: the rationale, the emotion, and the environment. The authors Dan and Chip Heath call these: the Rider, the Elephant, and the Path.

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Agile Coach Camp Netherlands 2013

05/07/2013 Leave a comment

Just as last year, I joined Agile Coach Camp in Vierhouten. A weekend full of exchanging ideas with some of the most inspirational Agile Coaches of the Netherlands and beyond. It’s an energizing weekend full of questions, discussions, games and good company, where you can learn all the skills and techniques a good agile coach should know. The first evening is always relaxed, with people creating their own badges, enjoying dinner together, introducing themselves and their passions, and staying up way later than is reasonable on a first night of a busy weekend.

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Devoxx UK 2013

31/05/2013 Leave a comment

This is a trip report about my visit to Devoxx UK, where I was both a speaker and an attendee. Throughout this report you’ll see quite a few links. When the link is a name, it will point to a Twitter account. When the link is a session, it will point to the slides on Parleys. As the content is being published, videos will also appear, so you might want to bookmark the sessions on Parleys that you’re really interested in. (Or keep a close eye on the Parleys Twitter account.)

Day 0

For me the first ever Devoxx UK experience started with a meet and greet on Monday, followed by the speakers dinner. Being rather tired, Regina ten Bruggencate and I decided not to go back to the meet and greet after dinner and headed to our hotel instead.

Day 1

The next morning we met up at the conference and were somewhat disappointed by the fact that there was no breakfast. Fortunately, I had already had breakfast, so some tea and a cookie were more than enough for me. Read more…


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